Interpretation CPET (English)

52 weeks
All levels
12 lessons
6 quizzes
33 students


This is the English online course Interpretation Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET). In this course you will learn how to conduct a CPET and to analyze and report CPET data. The tutor for this course is Dr Tim Takken, PhD.

The course consists of 10 pre-recorded lectures, 4 quizzes and 2 case studies with CPET data. You can ask questions after every lecture. The study credit is 8 hours. The course is completed when the student has completed at least 80% of the lessons. After completing the course the student will receive a certificate of completion. The course content is available to the students for 52 weeks.

The course is created using our professional Learning Management System.

Tim Takken
TIM TAKKEN PhD is a medical physiologist and associate professor in pediatrics at the Wilhemina Children’s Hospital of the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands and the Princes Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology, Utrecht, the Netherlands. He is a PI in the Child Health focus area and has a special interest in clinical pediatric exercise physiology. He hosted several international meetings in Utrecht, including the European Workshop on Clinical Pediatric Exercise Testing and the 29th Pediatric Work Physiology Meeting. He is currently director of the Clinical Exercise Testing Laboratory in Utrecht. Further he is board member of CPX International and chair of the Dutch chapter of CPX International. Dr Takken published over 250 peer-reviewed papers and authored 4 books.

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  1. I am Cardiology pediatrics and I´m interesting in take the course interpretation CPET

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